The digital disruption has changed the rules of the game: Customers, products, business operations and competitors are now essentially digital. We help you be on top of your digital game by mastering complexity, innovation and organizational change.


Mastering complexity ‐ the last competitive advantage

The digital disruption is creating plenty of new opportunities while at the same time accelerating the pace of change and increasing complexity. Organizations that learn to master complexity will gain the ultimate competitive advantage over those resisting change and denying complexity.

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We help you gain the ultimate competitive advantage by ingraining powerful concepts to master complexity:

  • Cohesive Leadership
  • Servant Leadership
  • Self-managing Teams
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
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Innovation ‐ create better products & services faster

Many companies, despite having a considerable track record of innovative prowess, are increasingly concerned about their ability to innovate. The cause for a decline of innovation is rarely a lack of potential; more often, the reasons are processes that while having worked well in the past, do not work well within today's disruptive environment.

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We help you apply the following frameworks and techniques to reintegrate innovation into your mindset and processes:

  • Design Thinking
  • Business Model Generation
  • Lean Start-up
  • Agile Product Ownership
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Organizational change ‐ become Agile!

The concepts of mastering complexity and innovation are simple to understand but difficult to attain: Organizations need to develop an Agile culture and mindset, embed Agile into their core strategy, implement Agile processes, and fundamentally change their organizational structure to support all this.

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We offer the following services and resources to help you become a truly Agile organization:

  • Understanding Agile in the context of digital disruption and transformation
  • Embedding Agile into your strategy
  • Building an Agile mindset and culture
  • Implementing Agile processes and structures
  • Scaling Agile throughout your organization
  • Orchestrating your organizational change
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Scrum training

Set the grounds for a successful start of Scrum at your organization. Our 2-day in-house Scrum training gets your teams on the same page and conveys a comprehensive understanding of Scrum fundamentals and Agile practices. After this training, your team will be ready to start practicing Scrum. Moreover, our training prepares participants for the Professional Scrum Master I assessment and certification offered by

Testimonials from our clients

Participants will start applying Scrum principles right from the start of this highly interactive training. Over the course of this 2-day training, they will get to know the following topics:

  • Scrum & complexity management
  • Scrum theory
  • Scrum values, roles, events and artifacts
  • Self-management & Servant leadership
  • Agile estimation & practices
  • Planning & measuring progress in Scrum
  • Scaling Scrum
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Audi, Deutsche Messe, Deutsche Telekom, Fashionette, FinanceScout24, Hansgrohe, HRS, Hubert Burda Media, mindsquare, SingTel, Sky, Standard Chartered, Star Alliance, Swisscom, thyssenkrupp, T-Online, United Digital Group, Vaillant Group


Johannes was key to helping us understand the various dimensions of transformational work at an organizational level. With his coaching and framework for Agile & Digital Transformation which goes well beyond Agile or Digital, we were able to identify by ourselves the scope of work required to become more agile. With Johannes‘ help, we are on a good way to ‘master the complexity’ of our business. To invest in Johannes and his workshops is a real good investment in terms of getting a real to the point result, a perfectly done summary and a hands on starting point for you and the teams. So to say, tangible results from where you could go on yourself generated by a great host and coach!

Michael Mollath, Chief Digital Officer, Deutsche Messe AG

Dieter & Johannes conducted a 2-day Scrum training for my team of product owners at HRS. They explained how we can integrate Design Thinking into our agile process and gave us a full load of new ideas on how to progress with our Scrum adoption. I can strongly recommend working with Johannes & Dieter as Agile trainers and coaches. And I am looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Torsten Schollmayer, Product Director StepStone Continental Europe

Your Scrum training was extremely valuable and helpful to make our teams understand how they can apply Scrum in a largely SAP-related context. The high degree of interaction kept us focused throughout the entire training so that we could immediately immerse ourselves into Scrum and agile practises. I believe your training will make a positive difference to the success of our project.

Armin Thimm, Team Leader Enabling Processes, Vaillant Group Business Services

Johannes is an excellent consultant and leader. He can be entrusted to understand situations quickly and develop as well as execute strategies to achieve the desired outcome. He has been key to coining, planning and executing the organizational transformation of our international team and Agile methodology. I can highly recommend Jo’s services, and I would be more than happy to provide references upon request.

Bernd Kruse, Global Salesforce Program Owner at Publicis.Sapient


Johannes Geske, MBA

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Dieter Stefanowitz

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